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Clouds over New Mexico

Welcome to Artful Therapy, art therapy and counseling Santa Fe, NM. A creative approach to change. I am excited to share with you the dynamic work I am doing in the field of psychotherapy and personal growth. Known for many decades as a visual artist, I have first hand experience in the axiom: “Art Changes Lives”. As my own life took its twists and turns, I saw clearly how the creative process allowed for a flexibility that helped me to weather change and embrace the challenges that change presents. Committed to working with others to help them embrace creativity in their lives, I went on to get a masters in both art therapy and counseling. My belief is that Images help us to understand who we are. Expressing ourselves through art opens a doorway, as there is much that is revealed through image and form that we have no words for and that can guide us in our personal growth, healing and self empowerment.

That being said, I have deep and abiding respect for more traditional “talk” based therapy, My theoretical training is in a transpersonal, existential, humanistic framework. I work with clients to embrace authenticity, to rebuild lives free of shame, to connect with the wisdom and balance that is already there.

Please view this site or call me at 505-501-0962.  Visit for images of my work.