art therapy

group therapyHow does the artistic experience unlock the mysteries of the unconscious mind and lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves?

By expressing ourselves through image and form we open a doorway into places often unseen through words alone. Art engages us and casts us as participants in the unfolding story. Through the creation of a image making, image building activity, we engage our bodies and our emotions as well as our kinetic and creative awareness, giving us a direct pathway to the deep intelligence that we carry within us.

With the use of varied art materials we can explore our many layers, loosen up and try on new possibilities. The art process demands of us presence, honesty, raw guts and surrender. We enter it where we are, wrestle with the questions, confusions, demons and stopping points in our lives. If we trust the process, it will lead us to explore new territories within.

As an artist as well as a psychotherapist, I bring an awareness and visual acuity to my work with clients. Staying in touch with the creative process as I have gives me an appreciation for the power of art to heal, as decades of my own personal and creative process inform my approach.

In both a serene but charged creative space you can sit on the floor and draw or paint at an easel or wall, or sit at a table twisting clay into shapes. With brush in hand or a lump of clay we guide the material to express anger, sadness, confusion, joy….finding release in the visceral representation of emotions that are often hidden from view.

The studio is a  place to find your level of comfort with out pressure or expectation, to allow the natural process to unfold and to find answers, inspiration and expression, however and at whatever pace it comes.

We are complex and multi faceted beings as are the issues we are dealing with. Art allows us to see deeply and more dimensionally into ourselves, often illuminating and allowing for healing on a very deep and profound level. Art therapy is not about “being good at art” but about allowing what is inside to take form and be expressed.