Gretchen Wachs MAT LPCC

couples therapist santa feHaving worked as an artist for much of my life puts me in a unique position as a creative psychotherapist, as I am no stranger to the deep inner work that we must bring to bear if we are to live a creative and authentic life. My interest in psychotherapy evolved in part from my insatiable curiosity as well as my own inner work. Prompted by the dysfunctional patterns I observed growing up, and needing to make sense of the world around me, I developed compassion and insight as well as a 6th sense about others. That intuition, sensitivity and curiosity, I cultivated through through my own personal therapy, marriage counseling, workshops and trainings and of course, through making art. We craft our lives out of our stories, experiences, relationships, losses and gains and hopefully a healthy dose of vision and conscious choice. But sometimes life seems to happen to us in spite of our best intentions.  Most people, at on time or another, have come face to face with unwanted change, twists and turns, getting lost, the dark of night, having to re evaluate, look deeply, take a chance, enter the unknown.  My job is to be your guide as you navigating through those places. II see it as an honor and a privilege to accompany you on your journey.

In 1998 I received my masters in Art Therapy and Counseling from Southwestern College. In 2012 I trained in EMDR. My approach is eclectic and utilizes expressive arts and experiential modalities in combination with depth oriented psychotherapy. Again and again I am aware of the potential of art making in creating a space to meet oneself and to grow beyond self imposed limitations. 

My studio is in the village of Rio En Medio, 15 miles northeast of Santa Fe and less than 20 minutes from downtown. The studio is set up to facilitate your creative inclinations, with two levels, clay and sculpture as well as printmaking downstairs and painting and drawing upstairs. Intimate therapy sessions are conducted in a alcove overlooking the studio, where there is also Sandtray Therapy. 

From the windows one looks out at the foothills of the Sangre de Christos Mountains. The trailhead to the famous waterfall hike along the Rio En Medio is a mile away. Anassazi ruins dot this area. The trail out the back gate of the property offers a myriad of walks where you can take in the beauty of the New Mexico landscape.


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