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My approach as a psychotherapist evolves from a transpersonal, existential framework.  I am also trained in EMDR, Trauma Resiliency, Art Therapy and Sand Tray Therapy. I embrace an eclectic approach, based on your individual needs and concerns. There are many paths, many ways to get there. I am here as your guide, your witness, to help direct you with focused presence, deep inquiry, and finely tuned intuition. You only need to show up. No matter what you are grappling with, how difficult the issues are, there is often an opportunity hidden within.  Artful Therapy is about artful living, living with intention, with presence, with authenticity.  It’s all creative, alive….however you choose to do it.
Therapy with me is dynamic, whether we explore issues verbally or engage in other creative modalities. I am direct and compassionate, and comfortable in deep waters. I want to know about you, to ask you the questions that bring you forward, illuminating and connecting the dots to bring issues into clear view.  Our work is informed by you and the relationship we develop. I look at patterns, relationships, the whole gestalt. To me therapy is an art form, as is life.

I have been working with Gretchen for a couple of months and found her very easy to get started with.  I felt she adapted well to my specific nature and challenges.  While I was not specifically seeking the art-therapy aspect of her practice, the way that informs her work with me has been very helpful to our process.   We have just begun some EMDR therapy and the results have been quite promising so far.   I particularly enjoy the out-of-town setting of her office-studio which makes it easier for me to be relaxed and focused on our work together.  


I am trained in EMDR therapy which is extremely helpful when working with trauma (big T, little t). EMDR, which stands for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, allows for reprocessing of painful memories, limiting beliefs, and traumatic experiences. Discovered by Francine Shapiro Phd.  in 1987, EMDR is practiced globally with tremendous benefits for clients.

I will offer you the option of exploring issues though art mediums if I feel it will help facilitate the process and bring greater depth to your inquiry. But, it is always up to you…you are welcome to explore art modalities at your own pace and comfort level.
As an artist and a psychotherapist I have direct experience with many creative approaches. I have seen the potential of art making in creating a space to meet oneself and to grow beyond self imposed limitations. The art modality, not unlike somatic based therapies engages you in a visceral way. For instance how would you paint or draw anger? What marks to might you make to express sadness, confusion, fear…….Like EMDR which engages right and left brain, art is a way to engage the whole being. 
Regardless of the the approach, it has been found over and over that the most curative factor in therapy is relationship; the relationship between you and your therapist.  Built on a solid foundation of trust and respect for your journey. My own explorations have taken me deeply into myself, for to do this work well and artfully, the therapist must have done their own work. Should you choose to work with me I will take that as a privilege and an honor. I am here to guide you, and help you to navigate through uncharted territory. Above all I am curious; about who you are, what you love, how you choose to inhabit your life and your desires and dreams. It is my job to help you reach beyond and create the change in your life.