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I welcome individuals and couples, challenged by transition and change, phase of life issues, mental illness, loss of meaning, aging, or coping with life in these difficult times.

I have years of experience in couples therapy.  I am trained in Family Counseling, I have participated in trainings in marriage counseling and have co facilitated groups.

My approach is multi faceted. I use a talk therapy model as well as an experiential approach. Working with couples has proved that once partners begin to talk to each other honestly, and allow themselves to become vulnerable, an intimacy develops. What may have been a chasm becomes a landscape to explore together.  I am here to help you navigate. Therapy is  a journey into yourself, to gather the courage and in the process the wisdom to know yourself.

As a couple proactively seeking to to integrate art therapy into the foundation of our relationship, we really were blessed to have Gretchen come into our lives. Her guidance and council draws out those precious revelations about self that we have difficulty drawing out from ourselves and each other. She holds us in this place of being present and mindful, witnessing and seeing one another. Each session is a beautiful opportunity to grow, individually and together. For the love, kindness, encouragement, and peace she has brought to our lives, we wholeheartedly recommended adding Gretchen to your community.  -AJ & CL 


Therapy is more than anything a relationship, a commitment, built on trust, respect and empathy.  I may not always have the answers but together we will explore the questions. My style is direct and depth oriented.  Often it is evident where the work needs to begin. I am a keen observer and I don’t waste time getting there.

We grow and change through out life, therapy gives us a window and a doorway. Everything connects, mind/body, past/present, beliefs/limitations, etc.,  and when we embrace that it allow us to expand, literally.

Over my career I have worked with varied populations, covering a gamut of issues and obstacles, as well as diagnoses. Currently I work predominantly with individuals and couples.  I work with people in crises and am trained in trauma resiliency and EMDR.  I have had experience in clinical settings, inpatient and residential treatment, as well as outpatient facilities and with individuals and couples in my private practice.

I am skilled in conflict resolution and communication issues within families and couples.

I offer therapy at my studio, a short drive from Santa Fe and have hours in town on a limited basis.



Psychotherapy sessions are 1 hour

Art therapy sessions from 1-1.5 hours

Couples therapy 1.5 hours


marriage counseling santa fe

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